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Miniature and Multi-functional (2/2) High-Tech Electronic Toys

If you have a chance to visit toy stores in Tokyo area, you will be enthralled by varied kinds of mini yet multi-functional electronic toys. Due to its small size and convenience, it has become a popular souvenirs among many foreigners. In this episode, we would like to introduce you to various high technology electronic toys.

On the 1st floor of Yamashiroya store is filled with interesting, mini-sized toys

Continued from the previous episode, we are still at Yamashiroya Drug Store located in front of Ueno Station. Now, the topic will be on high technology in mini size.

Mini-Infrared Helicopter (Mosquito Edge)

Recently, Infrared helicopter (Mosquito Edge) has become another main products for room decorations. Mosquito Edge has the same size as the tip of your finger. It is composed of system with highly accurate Gyroscope and 3ch controlling function that allows movements such as flying up and down, moving back and forth, and even floating in the air at every direction. Due to these special capabilities, the product has gained high popularity. Moreover, the mini-size that enables them to fly exquisitely has made it looks like the cool equipment used by secret agent in movie. The control function also attracts many boy ' s attention.

Mosquito Edge (White Color):4,298yen/ Kyosoek Size 8 cm.

As of the efficiently-designed Mosquito Edge controller, the helicopter will automatically charge itself when it is connected to the controller.

Feel being Bushido through Samurai Borg (10cm)

One of the products that people who holds interest in robot, especially boys, should not miss. Samurai Borg is 10-centimeter tall samurai fighter robot controlled by infrared frequency. This robot`s weapon is samurai sword. Furthermore, the controller also features samurai sword-like shape. One thing that should beware of is that while handling the controller, it is not recommended to excessively swing the sword rapidly. Apart from that, there is a secret and deadly fighting technique in which it may let you absorb more Bushido feeling.

Samurai Borg(Ensan):4,104yen / (by Takaratomi Company) Samurai Borg is a controlling robot that holds the movement of swinging samurai sword up and down and moving itself in rotation. Hence, certain level of practice is required to be able to control Samurai Borg efficiently.

You can create a fight between two robots by controlling it or you may also set an automatic fighting system. This product is recommended for children with 6 years or older, especially for people who likes samurai-related toys. A product that can make you feel the excitement within samurai.

Bamboo target, which has used bamboo as a model, can be used to practice putting sword in case of one player, while in case of 2 players, the challenge between the two can be held.

Samurai Borg(Sangeki VS Set):8,208yen / (by Takaratomi Company) There are 2 robots for conducting the challenge

Projection Mapping with Hako vision

Nowadays, there is a new technology that has been gaining its fame from all over the world called Projection Mapping. The Hakovision feature is to project the building into the size of a human hand.

●Hakovision(Tokyo Michi Telas2012『TOKYO HIKARI VERSION』 ) :540yen / (by Bandai company) Projection mapping is the projection of Tokyo Station which is being minimized into a human hand size.

Tokyo Station Projection

The technique is to put the figure or building model into the box and operate the projection from smart phone. When the projection starts to function, the picture will be a little bit blurred then the picture will slightly turns into a lively building with slow transformation of its shape. The price is also reasonable as a souvenir.

You can check for the information on Smartphone that is applicable to the machine through the website. While using the machine, you will need to access your Smartphone to YouTube.

There is also a version that project the movement of a fighting robot,Gundam robot. In this coming summer, a newer version which will project Hatsune Miku character is planned to be launched.

Gacha Gacha Dragon Ball RC Car in Capsule

The Dragon Ball RC car allows you to control the character from distance with infrared frequency-based function. It has always been popular among many kids. We have written many articles on various characters, now we would like to present you about this Gacha Gacha RC Car with the special feature of a capsule holding both character and controller in one small pack. This has made the product conveniently portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Gacha Gacha RC Dragon Ball:1,814yen / (by CCP company)
Just hold the capsule lid and press the button.The toy will then start to operate.

There are 4 famous characters such as Son Goku, Vegeta, Freezer, Majin Boo and all the figure models are thoroughly made.

The controller, which is part of the capsule's lid, hold two controlling buttons with one for moving forward and another for moving backward. The products come in various forms and shapes with different functions. Yamashiroya store, however, offers you characters from the famous Dragon Ball. Moreover, the store also provides the famous vehicles' models from the manga. This electronic toy can be considered as one of the best offers that cartoon fans would not want to miss the chance to add these toys into their collection set.

You can find these kinds of toys available in Japan. Since the old days, highly functional yet conveniently small-in-sized toys has been widely set as the toy standard in Japan. Hence, don't forget to check it out here in Japan!, especially if you are the characters' fan.

*The shown price has included tax.
*All the reviewed products are the products that are on the market at the time we conduct a research. There is a possibility that it might be out of stock on your visit to the store.

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