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New Fashion spot in Ueno (3/3)

Another two recommended new spots in Ueno are Takeya Select Ueno branch and ABAB Ueno branch, which ABAB was renovated just recently.

Meet the familiar Takeya in Ueno

In this spring, be prepare to meet the new branch of Takeya, adding up to another existing 7 branches in Okashimachi, Ueno. The products range from brand name products, cosmetics, to food products and beverage, allowing you to enjoy shopping in its wide space with 4 stories. On the third floor, bags, purses, wallets, and other accessories are offered with 30% discounts. Very easy to locate the store. Just a 5 minute walk from Ameyoko Center building, you will find the store located near the Ueno park as. See the packed trees from the picture shown on the right. Moreover, Takeya is considered as the source of Japanese snacks and alcohol. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for souvenir.

Tote Bag, large capacity yet easy to handle

Various kinds of bags for people of all ages. Whether you are students or office workers etc. you can find your own bag style here with provided brand name products such as LONGCHAMP,FURLA,MARC BY MARC JACOBS,Tory Burch. As shown above.

Cheap Wallet and Purse

In trend, fashionable, creative design products are offered for you to choose in different sizes and shapes. The picture on the left LOUIS VUITTON and Jimmy Choo on the right are offered in almost 30,000 yen cheaper than the normal price.

Takeya Select Ueno Branch
2-13-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-3834-7345 Working Hours 10.00 AM.-20.30 PM.

ABAB 6th floor has renovated!

Just across the street from Takeya Select Ueno branch, located ABAB Ueno branch store, which was recently renovated on the 6th floor of the building in the past spring season. ABAB sells cute accessories and decorations for women including beauty-related products, stocking, cosmetics, and many other products. Furthermore, you may find varied products with affordable price within the building too. .

At Do*Re☆De*Mo with accessories in only 300yen

Within this summer, we would like to recommend many good design hair accessories and well famous hair band with colorful flower design in only just 300 Yen only and Inner wear with a special price of 1000 yen!!

Creative designs of stocking at LEG MAKE

Find high quality of stocking made in Japan here with diverse styles including exposing-toe version and the rare toe-wrapping version as the picture shown on the left bottom in only 500 yen. Moreover, you can afford to buy the popular tattoo patterned stocking, and stockings with different patterns in only 980 yen with 3 pairs of stocking.

Add color to your life with FANCY GARDEN

Aside from the cartoon characters from Sanrio and Disney, you can find strange yet cute and funny characters with affordable prices here. Examples of products are as shown above: tongued out bag with price not exceeding 3,500 yen, stationary and cases, cosmetics cogs, and etc.

ABAB Ueno branch
4-8-4 Ueno Daito-ku Tokyo Tel:03-3833-3111 working hours10.00 AM.-21.00 PM.

*All the price has already included 8% consumption tax
*Some of the price tag in the pictures are the sale price at the time of picture taking
*Products in the picture are the product that are offered at the time of picture taking.