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Hot!New fashion shops are frequently being opened up in Ueno(2/3)

Special scoop at Ueno: This time, we will tour you around new born shops during Spring season, the largest “UNIQLO” and “GU” of the city.

New potential popular place, find the unexpected here

After a 5 minutes walk from Ameyoko Center building or two to three steps from Okachimachi station JR north exit, you will meet Yoshiike Building, which has just been renovated and new UNIQLO and GU were born. UNIQLO covers from 1st-4th floor and 5th-6th floors go to GU. There are large number of UNIQLO branches all over the world. However, this branch has the area of 2,843 meter squared, one of the rare branches that contains complete set of UNIQLO products. As for GU, who is spreading out its roots throughout Japan and reaching Shanghai at the moment, this GU branch is also considered as one of the few branches that hold complete stock. Moreover, there are English-speaker and Chinese-speaker stuffs, prepared in service for tourists and foreigners. Nevertheless, since Ueno commodities are not as high as other places in Tokyo, the food are sold in affordable price, it is expected that this place will gain its popularity in no time.

Don't miss the chance for cool T-shirt in UNIQLO!

Recommended products in summer is T-shirt! Provided for people of all ages. Designed in cooperation with other famous brands and artists, producing famous cartoon characters pattern and various designs.

As shown on the picture above, these t-shirt would make a great souvenir. You can find designs of trademarks from many countries around the world. For Japan patterns, the designs will differ in accordance to the shop location and will be based on the popular feature of that particular district.

Aside from T-shirt, casual style clothes are also on sell. In case if you happen to run out of clothes while traveling around Japan, it might be a good chance for you to visit the shop and have a look for some cool clothes here.

Change your appearance at GU!

Ranged from underwear to shoes plus its stand point of even cheaper price than UNIQLO, GU is one good choice to check for new released fashion. The picture on the bottom left has the starting price of 700 yen. Children size is also on sell.

Many kinds of bag, shoes, and accessories for you to choose in low price. Below 1,000 yen products are also available, which are really suitable for you to add some beauty accessories onto your summer clothes.

UNIQLO Okachimachi branch/GU Okachimachi branch
Tokyo, Taito-Ku, Ueno 3-27-12 Okachimachi Yoshiike Building
Tel : 03-5812-1081(UNIQLO)、03-5812-0731(GU) Working Hours:10:00〜21:00

*The price of all products include 8% tax consumption already.
*Some products are at the sale price for closing shop
*The products in the contents are products on sell at the time of collecting data