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Hot!New fashion shops are frequently being opened up in Ueno(1/3)

Special scoop in Ueno: Talking of casual style fashion, the place that would come to your mine is Ueno. Let’s first start off with the well-known sport shops.

Mita Sneakers, a place sneakers lover would go.

From Ueno station (JR and Tokyo Metro lines), walk 5 minutes and you will see Ameyoko Center, which is our first destination. The street's sides are filled with sneakers shops. One of these shops is called "Mita Sneakers" which located inside Ameyoko Center. Inside the shop, you will find over 20 shoes brands with various cool designs. The shop also provided limited edition products. "Recently, the 90's fashion has come back and one particular feature of clothing during those time is sneakers", said the shop. Moreover, sneakers are widely considered as a good souvenir for foreigners. Now, let's get to know about the famous shoe models for tourist.

Top hit product is?

The models ranked at the top of the popular shoes lists is AIR MAX (Nike), one of the AIR MAX 95 series, which used to be a big hit in the 90's. The picture on the left is the design influenced by the original design combining with the presence technology. On the right side is the limited edition from the shop, which the size of the shoes will differ in accordance to different brands, in which the range will be from 23~29 cm.

Shopping for shoes in Japan means this!

Talking about the best souvenir one could find in Japan, what else could it be other than famous Japanese Onitsuka Tiger since you can find all the designs yet offered in cheaper price in Japan.

CONVERSE has released models created and made by Japan. On the left side is JACK PURCEL and on the right is ONE STAR. The models receive good feedbacks since the products are made in Japan.

A new shoes brand designed by Japanese, called LOSERS, is gaining its popularity with its special feature. The head part of the shoe is influenced by the shoes that are used in the indoor of Japanese school. Nevertheless, all three shoes brands mentioned above hold the starting price that is lower than 10,000 yen.

Mita Sneakers
Tokyo, Taito-ku, Ueno 4-7-8, Ameyoko Center Building 1-2F Tel: 03-3832-8346
Working Hours: weekdays 11:00-19:30, weekend and holiday 10:00-19:30 Close: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Casual style fashion "MURASAKI SPORTS"

"MURASAKI SPORTS" has over 110 branches throughout Japan. As for the main branch in Ueno, you can find the shop just one minute walk from Ameyoko Center. This branch has the highest gross sales in Japan. Within the shop, there are many clothing products, ranging from normal clothes to outdoor clothes, diving clothes, and many other more. In average, normal shirt price is below 5,000 yen, but what about the recommended product of this shop...?

Add color to your shoes

If you are looking for cute, girly style of CONVERSE shoe, this colorful, bright model is the answer for your solution.

T-shirt and long skirt for girls

The main products of the shop is T-shirt, especially RUSTY, as shown on the first picture above. The important part is to mix and match t-shirt and long skirt. The picture at the bottom right is RIKKA, which is a brand originated from Japan. It is one of the product that is recommended by the shop.

Street style fashion for guys

The picture on the left side is the clothes brand for skaters, SANTA CRUZ, another limited product of MURASAKI SPORTS. The right sides is the wool hat, made especially for summer, which is on trend at present.

MURASAKI SPORTS Ueno main branch
Tokyo, Taito-Ku, Ueno 4-6-10 Tel:03-3831-1868 Working Hours:10:30〜20:30

* The prices of all products are the price that already includes 8% tax consumption.
* The products in the picture are the products on sell at the time of data collecting.