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Shops that Don't Miss Any Fashion Trends(1/2)

What kind of thing really sells in Japan? We checked out two shops that know completely. Our second destination: the @cosme Store. Just like the previous store, it’s located in Shinjuku Station, so it’s easy to visit both in one trip!

Big sellers, ranked in order at Ranking Ranqueen

As seen here, each item's popularity ranking is displayed prominently. Rankings are based on affiliated stores, circulation, and investigation companies' data, and are updated at least once a month. Incidentally, the items seen here are for the carbonated cosmetics. If you're interested, look for "carbonation" and "soda" when you're here!

Located by the East Exit of JR Shinjuku Station, Ranking Ranqueen organizes goods by category and openly ranks their popularity. While they have three locations within Tokyo, if you want beauty items, the Shinjuku location is the one to visit. Not limiting themselves to just cosmetics, they stock over 1,000 items designed to make you cuter. Items are organized and ranked by category, ingredients, etc., with over 300 different rankings! Only the top three or top five items in any given category are stocked, though, guaranteeing that no matter what you pick, it's a big hit. Let's ask these trend geniuses about what's hot right now.

As usual, skin lightening is in

On the Skin-Lightening Cosmetics Rankings, we find the Gift For Me Blanc Hand Creams (¥1,026 each), though their use isn't limited to just the hands! Skin lightening is clearly popular among Japanese women -- if you're interested, just look for the word "bihaku" (美白). 。

UV care is indispensable for skin lightening. According to the store, this year's trend is toward comfortable gels. Currently ranked #1 on the UV-Cut Gel Rankings, this popular anti-UV gel (¥1,944) goes on mild and washes off with just soap.

Hot items: multi-purpose cosmetics that beautify from the foundation up

According to the store, "It's obvious that cosmetics are multi-purpose. Worth checking is the multi-purpose cosmetics that include skin care." This Baby Pink White BB Cream (¥1,296) is one of those. The already popular multi-purpose cosmetic BB Cream has had lightening1 added. Its non-chemical prescription2 is also noteworthy.

For Japanese women, eyelashes are the base of eye makeup. Many eyelash-beautifying mascara removers are available, but the Lush Pure Deep Cleansing (¥1,620) is exceptionally convenient. It can easily remove mascara, and contains eyelash beautifying ingredients, making it a great all-around facial cleansing gel.

For full-body beauty: dietary supplements

Healthy dietary supplements continue to be popular for people seeking full-body beauty across all age groups. This unique entry to the Natural Petit Sweets Ranking, the Happy Dates bar (¥108 each), is built on a base of nutritious dates with white miso added for flavor, to make for a great macrobiotic snack.

The Yeast x Enzyme Diet drink (¥1,980) features now-popular enzymes as well as appetite suppressants and a double dose of yeast peptides to reduce subcutaneous fat, to help you meet your dieting goals.  

Great as souvenirs

There's also a ranking for Nadeshiko Cosmetics. Nadeshiko means a woman who's neat, tidy, and beautiful -- the pinnacle of Japanese beauty. The best item on there as a souvenir is the Beauty Made Cream (¥864). It contains byproducts and lees from making sake, and it's a great cream for your face, hands, and your whole body.

Don't miss the Character Cosmetics! Seen here are face masks featuring local mascot characters (¥540 and up).

All prices shown include 8% consumption tax.
•Items shown here were being sold at the time of our visit. Items may vary by date and location.
1: The makeup is designed to make skin appear lighter
2: Does not contain any UV-absorbing ingredients.

ranKing ranQueen Shinjuku store (Close on October 15th)
Located in JR Shinjuku Station.
Telephone: (03) 5919-1263 Hours: Open 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.