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Fashionable shops one after another! A tour of affordable variety shops in Harajuku/Omotesando (3/3)

Affordable variety shops, which are fashionable and inexpensive, are currently experiencing a wave of popularity in Tokyo! We will take a look at popular shops in the Harajuku/Omotesando area, a fierce battleground for this category, to get to the bottom of the appeal.

Lastly, we will introduce "Flying Tiger Copenhagen," an affordable variety shop that originated in Denmark in northern Europe. When the first Asian shop was established in Osaka's Shinsaibashi in July of 2012, it became a hugely popular spot in the blink of an eye. In this feature, we visited the "Omotesando Store," which was opened in October of 2013 as the flagship store and is also seeing great success.

Another aspect this brand emphasizes is "one-way shopping," in which you advance in one direction, weaving your way through the colorful items.

Nearly all of the roughly 2,000 items that are regularly stocked at the store are original designs. We hear that the range of prices is mainly in the area of 200 to 400 yen. "One-way shopping," in which you advance in one direction from the entrance to the exit, is another aspect this brand emphasizes--you can see all of the extensive items, leaving nothing out. Let's waste no time in checking out the notable items and seeing what's behind the appeal!

The impact of beloved
northern European designs at low prices!

The first thing in the store that draws your attention is the unique northern European sense of design. Northern European general goods, interior decorations, and the like are hugely popular in Japan in the first place. While people in Japan can relate to the simplicity and functionality, they also yearn for the vivid colors and sense of playfulness. With items bursting with northern European sensibility at shockingly low prices, it's no wonder that everyone flocks here!

Measuring Spoon (300 yen)
This has both the functionality of being easily stackable and the playfulness of being heart-shaped.
All of the casual daily items are so stylish, you may be tempted to replace everything in your house!

Mug (300 yen)
This is a spring-themed mug that evinces the sprouting of new leaves. The skillful incorporation of natural motifs such as plants and animals is another distinctive feature of northern European design.

Hanging Clock (Cutlery) (800 yen)
The colorful cutlery makes quite an impression. "Daddy comes home at light blue spoon time." With this clock, surely such memories will be etched into your heart.

Left: Tin Box; Right: Lunchbox (400 yen each)
These products are notable for the relaxed style of the illustrations, which somehow pull you in.
They have a sensibility that's hard to find in Japanese products.

Slightly off-the-wall items with a sense of playfulness

Items overflowing with humor are yet another charm of "Flying Tiger Copenhagen." There are various types, from items rich in wit to items that soothe your heart. They are sure to bring lots of smiles into your life. We'll take this opportunity to introduce some items that are a bit off the wall!

Fly Swatter (300 yen)
Pull the trigger, and the red hands slap together! Leave it to this brand,
and even swatting flies becomes an exciting form of amusement.

Pencil Sharpener (100 yen)
This is a nose-shaped pencil sharpener that may make you spontaneously yelp, "Ouch!" Create laughs (and screams?!) in your classroom or office!

Bathroom Fishpond (800 yen)
Just like the picture on the package, this is a toilet mat that allows you to go fishing. There's also a set that lets you putt.

Mirror (700 yen) Even if you're feeling a bit down, a glance into this mirror is sure to cheer you up. You'll feel like a TV star!

Convenient goods that boast functionality also have plenty of cuteness!!

It is also the style of "Flying Tiger Copenhagen" to take convenient goods, for which function is the selling point, and devise something special for the design. Take note of the extra elements: these goods are helpful, but also cute or funny!

Flashlight (Animal) (300 yen)
These low-shouldered tigers and pandas are manually operated Dynamo Lights,
with LEDs on the tops of their heads. Despite their vacant expressions, you can count on them in times of need!

Tube Squeezer (100 yen)
This is an excellent item that squeezes tubes of items such as toothpaste all the way to the end, leaving no waste.

Egg Slicer (300 yen)
This cutter for hard-boiled eggs has a sliced egg motif.

Bag (300 yen)
The conclusion of the shopping experience is the selection of a bag you can use to take home the items you purchased.
There are lots of designs that'll make you want to use it on a routine basis--in fact, regular users are a common sight in the Omotesando area.
Of course, there are shopping bags that are free of cost as well.

Humorous, colorful items appear one after another, and by the time you make your way around the store, you'll surely be immersed in the feel of this brand. As the brand's basic style is to stop producing and sell out of each item, you can see new things every time you visit. This means there are lots of repeat shoppers! Visit the store, and you'll surely find something interesting. By all means, get a taste of the affordable variety shopping experience that has entranced Japan!

*All prices are before tax, and may change without notice.
*The featured contents are products that were being sold at the time of coverage.
These products may not be in stock at the store upon your visit.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Omotesando Store
4-3-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6804-5723
Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM No set holidays