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Fashionable shops one after another! A tour of affordable variety shops in Harajuku/Omotesando (2/3)

Affordable variety shops, which are fashionable and inexpensive, are currently experiencing a wave of popularity in Tokyo! We took a look at popular shops in the Harajuku/Omotesando area, a fierce battleground for this category, to get to the bottom of the appeal. This time we'll introduce the "Rainbow SPECTRUM SHIBUYA Flag Shop," which embodies the current progression of Tokyo's sense of cuteness and fun.

Just looking at the inside of the shop, which is lined with colorful items, is sure to raise your spirits!

Within the affordable variety shops we will introduce on this occasion, the "Rainbow SPECTRUM SHIBUYA Flag Shop" is somewhat on the smaller side. However, inside the two-floor shop is a selection of roughly 1,000 items, and all of them--whether they are select or original items--are glittering with good sense. This store is jam-packed with items that will appeal to your sense of fashion or playfulness.

The true worth of Rainbow SPECTRUM!
Cute and poppy items that can raise your spirits!

In the shop's interior, which is white like a canvas, there are lots of items that are colorful, almost like paints! That's right: cute and poppy items--sure to raise your spirits just by looking at them--are the true worth of Rainbow SPECTRUM! Let's lose no time in taking a look at an example!

Stackable Mugs (90 yen each)
These are mugs with eye-popping hues. These items are symbolic of the shop, featuring lettering that spells "Rainbow."
Collect one of each color and stack them up to complete the rainbow!

Silicone Bag (Pink: 1,100 yen/Blue: 880 yen)
This is an adorable bag with silicone material and neon colors. It's a stylish choice for coordination with your swimsuit at the beach!

Bunny Stapler (390 yen each)
This is a bunny-shaped stapler that is full of charm, with the metal portion resembling front teeth.

Merry-Go-Round Hanger (990 yen)
This is a hanger that takes the form of a merry-go-round, with attached clothespins.
Aside from laundry, it's also cute to decorate this with items such as pictures or accessories!

A sense of humor that will get you giggling

Another special feature of Rainbow SPECTRUM is a sense of humor that will put a smile on your face. From various parts of the shop, you can hear the reactions of customers not only remarking on how cute the items are, but also praising the humor: "This is hilarious!" "That is so funny!"

Kitchen Peeler Monkey (90 yen)
This is a monkey peeler with a desperate expression that gradually grows on you. Surely you'll want to store it in a hanging position, as shown in the picture. As there is a grating function on the back and it's so inexpensive, we hear that customers often buy this in bulk to distribute as a gift.

Mustache Straw (240 yen) If you attach a mustache to a straw, anyone can be a gentleman. This item is simple, but is a sure thing to make people laugh. Try using it for home parties.

Tea Bulb Tea Strainer (340 yen) This is a light bulb-shaped tea strainer. It has an attached lampshade, and it's also great at brewing! This is a humorous item with a high level of style.

You'll want to boast!
Useful items with impressive ideas

There are also lots of useful items with superb ideas that will have you remarking, "I wonder how they thought of that! This is so convenient!" You'll surely want to boast to others about features such as functions and designs that seem so likely to exist, yet never did until now!

Luggage Belt Bag (680 yen)
This luggage belt, which is no longer needed once you arrive at your destination, quickly transforms into a large bag.
It's perfect for one-day activities at your trip destination!

Mouse Key Finder (380 yen) This item responds to whistling with a "pipipi!" sound, notifying you of its location. Attach your keys to its tail, and eliminate your frustration before going out!

Handy Sealer (380 yen) This item seals opened bags for items such as sweets and pasta. As it's small and has a magnet attached, it's nice that you can stick it on your fridge and use it with ease.

The "Rainbow SPECTRUM SHIBUYA Flag Shop" is on "Cat Street," in the center of Ura-Harajuku. The greatest charm of this shop is the edge it has on selections--a distinctive feature of this area, where shops of highly refined taste gather. While the items may be from around the world, their sense is "Made in Tokyo." If you're interested in experiencing the current progression of Tokyo's sense of cuteness and fun at an affordable variety shop, check this place out!

*Tax is separate from all of the prices.
*The featured contents are products that were being sold at the time of coverage. These products may not be in stock at the store upon your visit.

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