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Fashionable shops one after another! A tour of affordable variety shops in Harajuku/Omotesando (1/3)

Affordable variety shops, which are fashionable and inexpensive, are currently experiencing a wave of popularity in Tokyo! We will take a look at popular shops in the Harajuku/Omotesando area, a fierce battleground for this category, to get to the bottom of the appeal. First we'll introduce the "ASOKO Harajuku Store," which has lines day after day!


In a rare feature for an affordable variety shop, this location even covers categories that are popular with men, such as outdoor and D.I.Y. items.

The "ASOKO Harajuku Store" is the long-awaited flagship store that has opened in the Tokyo area, from the same brand that had a major hit with its first shop in Osaka's Minami-Horie. There is a wide array of items, from the standard products--which include items such as kitchen items, stationery, and interior decorations--to products such as apparel and outdoor goods. With both select and original products together, there is a lineup boasting approximately 1,000 items.

See, feel, and be convinced by the displays, which are almost
like a gallery!

The first things to note inside the shop are the displays, which also made a splash at the Minami-Horie Shop. The products are not simply lined up--they are each displayed on their own stands, just like in a gallery. When making a purchase, there is a setup in which you take products from the racks below.
Perhaps that's why the items on display stand out. You see and feel them, and then find yourself taken in by qualities such as their designs and functions. To start, we'll introduce a portion of those items.


PHOTO FRAME (500 yen)
This is a battery-powered, rotating photo frame. While the picture doesn't convey it, since the frame rotates,
you can see photographs on all 6 sides.

ZIP (Large: 200 yen/Small: 100 yen)
This has one long zipper, which winds around--zip it all the way up, and the item becomes a pouch! Surely you'll want to pick it up and test out the mechanism for yourself.

This is a simple smartphone speaker that doesn't need a power source. You can also set down your own smartphone and test out this item's sound diffusion. The rich color varieties are also worth checking out!


PANEL SHELF (Panels: from 80 yen/Doors: from 100 yen/Joints: 100 yen for 4-pack)
Speaking of displays, this product, which is also used for display cases inside the shop, is exceptional. By combining panels of various colors and sizes, you can build a storage unit to your liking, and at a low price!

It's fun to choose items
with interesting twists as gifts!

With the concept of "enjoying surprises," another one of ASOKO's charms is that there are so many items that feature qualities such as functions or designs with interesting twists. What's more, with their low prices, they make perfect gifts! Try choosing an item that will make your friends, family, and coworkers break out into smiles!

This is a capsule-shaped ballpoint pen that resembles medicine. At 30 yen apiece, these items are perfect for distributing as gifts!

HAIR ELASTIC (ICE CREAM) (300 yen each)
There are lots of colorful hair elastics inside of an ice cream cone! Receive one, and you won't have to worry about hair elastics for quite a while.

DIFFUSER (500 yen each)
There is also a rich selection of aroma-themed products, which are convenient as gifts for women. These include diffusers, candles, and more.

OMNIPOINT SCREWDRIVER (Small 200 yen/Large 300 yen)
D.I.Y. goods, the eternal objects of yearning for boys, are also inexpensive. This item possesses the exciting specs of being small, multi-functioned, and equipped with LED lights--all for this low price.

Recommendations for yourself!
Great designs for regular use

In comparison with 100-yen shops that stress practical use, affordable variety shops are charming for their superior sense of design, even for the same items. In particular, ASOKO has lots of regular use items to lend some sparkle to your everyday life. Get something you like as a gift for yourself, and surely it will become a favorite item for long into the future!


There is a wide variety of items such as accessory cases and clocks decorated with
multicolored beads, glass pieces, and more. Maybe you'll even encounter something you love so much, it'll have you swooning!

The kitchen items are a step higher in terms of fashion as well. A great example of this is the ceramic knife set, which contains three sizes!

RAIN BOOTS (1,500 yen each)/UMBRELLA (400 yen each)
With rain goods like this, you can spend even rainy days in happiness!

"I had so much fun!" We hear that this is the impression that many customers have after they finish shopping at the "ASOKO Harajuku Store." If you come to Tokyo, by all means, have this new shopping experience, which offers refined items and displays, as well as low prices, all in one shop! As of March, 2014, there are lines even on weekdays, so we recommend visiting with time to spare.

*Tax is separate from all of the prices.
*The featured contents are products that were being sold at the time of coverage. These products may not be in stock at the store upon your visit.

ASOKO Harajuku Store
6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Phone: 03-6427-9965
Store Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM No set holidays