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On the front lines of Tokyo's newest sweets! (1/2)

With the arrival of spring, naturally there will be more opportunities to go out. What could be a better companion for this season of outings than sweets? With this in mind, we thoroughly researched the trends in sweets for spring. This volume will have an appearance by a world-first specialty sweets shop that is getting talked about! Top Image: Kit Kat Chocolatory

A shop with a new sensation, which people are lining up for!
The world's first Kit Kat specialty shop!

"Kit Kat" is a chocolate candy that was created in Great Britain in 1935 and is loved by people around the world, regardless of generation. "Kit Kat Chocolatory," the world's first Kit Kat specialty shop, opened in the 1st basement floor of SEIBU IKEBUKUROHONTEN. As it is positioned as a Kit Kat specialty shop with Mr. Yasumasa Takagi, the owner-chef of "LE PATISSIER TAKAGI," responsible for the overall supervision, large numbers of candy and sweets lovers are crowding to this shop day after day, seeking premium items that can't be found anywhere else.

"We've expressed aspects such as the discerning nature and warmth of a chocolatier, as well as with the sense of excitement you'd find at a chocolate factory," explains Ms. Kamei, the spokesperson. Just as she says, you'll be charmed by the shop's layout, which overflows with playfulness.

"Chocolatory," the name of the shop, is a word coined by combining "chocolatier" with "chocolate factory." The layout of the interior, which features a poppy interpretation of the Kit Kat image, is also fun.

Lots of customers stand in line here to buy the limited edition "Kit Kat Sublime Bitter." Lines before the shop opens are quite a familiar sight.

This shop is full of playfulness, including elements such as panels around the logo, the history of Kit Kat, a colorful Kit Kat tower, and a Kit Kat chandelier.

This is a corner in which past Kit Kat packages are on display. The blue package is an item from during World War II (reprinted). We hear there were difficulties involving the supply of ingredients, so accompanying a change in recipe, the label changed from red to blue.

Luxurious chocolate for adults
Get your hands on top-quality, limited edition items

The first product we'd like to focus on is "Kit Kat Sublime Bitter," which is being sold in limited quantities. Thanks to the usage of dark couverture chocolate, which possesses a distinctive tartness and 66% cacao, you can enjoy a mellowness that melts in your mouth, as well as a bitterness that's perfect for adults. For the shop's limited edition "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special" series, under the supervision of Chef Takagi, limited edition products are planned for development at different points in the seasons. Examples include products such as "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea," which features a green tea paste kneaded into white chocolate, as well as "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Cream Cheese," a new product (released on February 9) in which the sweetness of chocolate is matched with the richness of cheese. Experience the flavor of Kit Kats with surprising richness.

This is "Kit Kat Sublime Bitter" (300 yen + tax for 1 bar; 3,250 yen + tax for a gift box of 10 bars). It's a hugely popular product that contains dark couverture chocolate, which is used by pastry chefs. Quantities are limited to 300 per day, and 1 customer can purchase up to 3.

This is "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea" (400 yen + tax for 4 pieces). The green tea flavor gives you a taste of Japan. It has a spring flavor, with extract powder from cherry blossom leaves kneaded into the cream between the wafer layers.

This is "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Chili" (400 yen + tax for 4 pieces). It has a stimulating flavor, with carefully roasted chili peppers mixed into the cream between the wafer layers. More and more people are getting hooked on its exquisite balance of spiciness and sweetness.

This is "Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Cream Cheese" (400 yen + tax for 4 pieces). It's a new product that was just released in February. By kneading natural cheese powder into the wafers, a high-class flavor has been realized.

Kit Kat Chocolatory
SEIBU IKEBUKUROHONTEN B1F, 1-28-1 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Inside SEIBU Shokuhinkan Sweets & Gifts
Phone: 03-5949-2026
Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM (Monday to Saturday)10 AM to 8 PM (Sunday & holidays)
Set holidays: Follows set holidays of SEIBU IKEBUKUROHONTEN
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