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"Character Nails" with Anime and Hello Kitty! (1/2)

Japanese girls love nail art and characters. We will introduce nails featuring collaborations with some of Japan's specialties, such as anime, manga, and entertainers. These reasonably-priced artificial nails and stickers are also perfect as gifts! Top Image: Bandai "Charanail"

A Hot Topic for Its Anime Themes

1,050 yen each. They are sold at stores such as Shibuya LOFT, , animate, and VILLAGE VANGUARD. *Product selection varies depending on store location and season. Please confirm at each store location at the time of purchase.

"Ita-nails" were a sensation in nail art these days in Japan. (Ita-nails refer to nails with an anime or manga motif.)


At the beginning of the boom, ita-nails done at salons were the mainstream, but nowadays, artificial nails and stickers have also appeared. Thanks to these, you can enjoy having nails with anime characters even more simply.


Artificial nails by Bandai, called "Charanails," are an extremely popular product for anime nails of this type. The secret to their popularity is their elaborate designs, which are too difficult to draw by hand.


1 package contains a whole 8 nails, so you can mix multiple sets or combine them with nails you've done yourself, enjoying a coordination that is all your own!

"Sailor Moon" is the new design which appeared in December of 2013, with 6 patterns in all.

There are a total of 3 patterns to commemorate the 30th anniversary of "Magical Angel Creamy Mami," which has seen a resurgence in popularity.

There are 3 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" patterns in all, featuring designs from Part 1 and Part 2.

There are also 3 patterns for "TIGER & BUNNY," a new movie planned for release in Japan in February of 2014.

Bandai "Charanail" Website

*"Charanail" is a registered trademark of Bandai.
©Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei Animation ©Pierrot Co., Ltd.  ©Hirohiko Araki/SHUEISHA Inc., JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Production Committee ©SUNRISE/T&B PARTNERS, MBS

Character Nails with Sublime Style

[1]The store interior, always stocked with the latest designs! [2] These are illustrations by chocomoo, a Japanese illustrator who is active worldwide. The shininess--you won't believe these are stickers--are another appeal of "VlliVlli." Each product contains 16 stickers. Original designs are 980 yen, and collaborations are 1,575 yen.

In the past several years, nail wraps have enlivened the nail market in Japan. Most especially, "CoordiNail" by "VlliVlli" is popular for its high, made-in-Japan quality and overwhelming sense of design.


Aside from original "CoordiNails," there are also designs featuring anime and manga motifs. What's more, there are even designs featuring collaborations with popular brands, illustrators, entertainers, and more.


In "ROOM by VlliVlli," the flagship shop on the 1st floor of "Laforet HARAJUKU," over 100 types of designs are lined up, and we hear that the placement is different in spring/summer and in fall/winter. In addition, it is possible to apply a top coat over the affixed wraps, and an in-store gel coating service has been rolled out (3,150 yen, including product).


If you're looking for stylish, unique character nails, this shop definitely deserves a visit.

[3]This is a collaboration with "RADIO EVA" Project. It has a refined color scheme only possible for "VlliVlli." [4・5]"PEANUTS" goods, featuring the globally popular American comic, are colossal sellers!

[6]This is a dinosaur pattern by the accessory brand "GIZA." [7] This is a design by chunsato, who is active as a creator. [8]This is a collaboration with fashion brand "my panda."

[9]This is an illustration by Yumemi Nemu, who is also active as a member of the Akihabara idol group "Dempagumi.inc." [10] This is a design by "AMOYAMO," a model unit that boasts charisma and popularity in the Harajuku fashion scene. [11] This collaboration with the rock band "Heavenstamp" is a modern kimono pattern!

ROOM by VlliVlli
Laforet Harajuku 1F, 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6804-5565
Store Hours: 11 AM - 8 PM