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New Spot - “CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU”(2⁄2)

Harajuku is where Tokyo fashion originates. On Takeshita Street—the symbol of Harajuku—a new landmark has appeared! We will report on the cuteness-filled facility, a kind of place you'll only find in this district. In addition to the 3 hugely popular shops, don’t miss these unique shops, either!

Get an advance look at accessory trends!

From sweet motifs that complement Lolita fashion to kitsch items, this accessory specialty shop has items for a variety of tastes.

The small, light accessories make perfect gifts for those around you. Since all of these designs are in step with the latest trends, this place warrants a look from those who want to know what they should buy “right now”!

The earring-like dinosaurs in the center are a motif that's currently enjoying popularity, especially among girls with casual fashion. On the right are earrings with models of food attached. The small size and elaborate craftsmanship are amazing! The products are mainly around 1,000 yen.

An extraordinary space that’s almost like a toy box!

This is a shop that sells approximately 130 types of candy from around the world in a scoop style.

In addition to the displays and candies, you should also pay attention to the staff! We guarantee that just by looking at these effeminate uniforms, which look like they came straight out of an anime, you'll be swept up in a Harajuku sightseeing frenzy.

The price for the scoop candy is 420 yen for 100g. Aside from the scoop-style items, there is also candy in packages.

DESSERT Collection:
Sweets, just how you like them

We recommend this restaurant for when you want a break from shopping. The interior was designed with the theme of “a venue for a birthday party.” You can enjoy approximately 50 kinds of desserts and snacks, buffet-style.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is a service that allows you to use icing and sugar candy and decorate variously shaped cookies to your liking. You are now able to pursue your own style of cuteness, even at tea time--isn't Harajuku great?

On the left is a sample of decorated cookies. The other sweets are also cute! The price is 1,480 yen for 70 minutes (includes the drink buffet).

Limited time stores:
Exciting no matter how many times you visit!

The picture shows items from “ASOBISTATION,” which was opened by “ASOBISYSTEM.”

In one corner of the facility is a space for limited time stores, too.

“ASOBISYSTEM” (which belongs to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, in addition to many amateur models) handled the first store entry, which ran until November 12. In addition to selling select products, an event related to magazines and models was held every weekend. It was bustling as a launch pad for Harajuku fashion.

In the future, the plan is for various shops to expand here. It looks like you'll be able to find something fresh and fun each time you visit the facility.


1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6212-0639 (Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc)
Store Hours: B1 - 2F, 10 AM - 8 PM; 3F, 11 AM - 9 PM