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New Spot - “CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU”(1⁄2)

Harajuku is where Tokyo fashion originates. On Takeshita Street—the symbol of Harajuku—a new landmark has appeared! We will report on the cuteness-filled facility, the kind of place you'll only find in this district. First we'll cover the charm of the facility and 3 hugely popular shops that you can't miss!

If you come here, you’ll really grasp the charm of Harajuku!

Takeshita Street is a street that's about 350 meters long, standing right in front of JR Harajuku Station. “CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU” opened right in the center of this street.

The concept of this facility, which has 3 above-ground floors and 1 basement floor, is “a center where people, objects, and things come together to create 'CUTE' culture.” There are 10 shops gathered here, including apparel shops full of Harajuku styles, variety shops, and restaurants.

Plus, the funny artwork items on the 1st and 3rd floors were designed by Sebastian Masuda, who works on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu music videos and the popular Harajuku shop “6%DOKIDOKI.” The fun, colorful interior is another highlight.

Next is an introduction of the 3 hugely popular shops that tourists will want to be sure to visit!

3 Hugely Popular Shops - 1
“MONKI HARAJUKU”--Go for the exclusive Tokyo items!

MONKI, in the basement and on the 1st floor, occupies the most area of any shop in the facility. There are many MONKI shops, especially around Europe, but this is the first MONKI shop in the Kanto (East Japan) area! It is gaining tons of attention from Tokyo girls. The store features lots of popular and fashionable items, and with T-shirts starting at 1,200 yen, the price is part of the reason for its popularity, too.

Tourists will definitely want to check out the exclusive Tokyo collection. The collection's graphic items are overflowing with Tokyo personality--perhaps you could join the ranks of the Harajuku girls just by snatching up one of them.

For the exclusive Tokyo items, aside from apparel, there is a selection of tote bags, caps, smart phone cases, and other goods.

*Since these are exclusive goods, some of the items may be sold out.

3 Hugely Popular Shops - 2
With “SPINNS,” there's something for the ultra-individualistic, too!

With 5 shops in Tokyo--3 of them in Harajuku--SPINNS gains tremendous support from the fashion-conscious crowd in their teens and 20s. The shop carries a wide range of items, featuring men's and used apparel and even cosmetics and toys!

The glittering and vivid displays at this location are particularly exciting, providing an atmosphere that is totally unique to Harajuku. Additionally, as there is an extensive selection of eccentric accessories, this shop is also the perfect place to search for gifts that are sure to be talked about!

On the left are fake eyelashes produced by amateur models from Aomoji-kei (Harajuku fashion) magazines. The appeal here is the array of exquisite colors you can't find anywhere else, such as olive-gold, pink-brown, and more. In the picture on the right, the items on the left-hand side are headbands with motifs such as Swiss rolls. There is a rich variety of reasonably priced items, with accessories starting at under 1,000 yen.

3 Hugely Popular Shops - 3
“sanrio vivitix,” the only Sanrio shop in Harajuku

In the center of the shop is a bright red grand piano, connected to Hello Kitty's future dream of becoming a pianist. The area surrounding that is lined with popular characters centered around Hello Kitty.

Incidentally, “vivitix” is the line of Sanrio shops that targets teens. A notable feature is that there are lots of designs suitable even for adults.

Those in search of an item different from what others have should take a look at the goods for “Dreamtale Kubear,” a character just created in 2013 that has a bit of a mature tone. While shopping, don't forget to take a commemorative photo in front of the red piano!

The panties on the left are an original item for the Harajuku shop. In the center is the Dreamtale Kubear leopard print design series. As for prices, the panties start at 630 yen.


1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6212-0639 (Mitsubishi Corporation Urban Development, Inc)
Store Hours: B1 - 2F, 10 AM - 8 PM; 3F, 11 AM - 9 PM