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Is "I'll change my hair with this" Tokyo-style?!Stylish Wigs

In Tokyo, a town sensitive to beauty and fashion, there are lots of stylish wigs! On this occasion, we'll introduce a popular shop with wigs in the latest hairstyles for you to enjoy. Don't miss it, whether you're a fashionista, into gal fashion, or a Harajuku fashion fan!! (Top Image: BeautiK)

“Plumb,” a great new brand to check for fashionable girls

"When you meet someone, they look at your face the most. Fashion is important, but hairstyle is extremely important, too," says Misha. She herself often coordinates her makeup and fashion with the wig she's wearing.

This is "BeautiK," a Harajuku shop that carries "Plumb" wigs. Inside the shop, there are always 8-10 wigs lined up. In addition, there are lots of beauty items, such as fake eyelashes made from picture cutouts.

"Plumb" debuted last year, in 2012, and in no time at all, it had become a super popular wig brand (http://plumb-world.com). The designer is Misha Janette, an American fashion journalist living in Japan. As someone who communicates Tokyo fashion within Japan and to the world, the wigs that she makes are original and refined! We asked Misha about the details of her brand and the state of Tokyo wigs.

"As beauty and fashion items, I think wigs have come the furthest in Japan. Wigs with bangs are in Japan, but not in America.

When I am designing, I get inspiration from Harajuku and Shibuya... I guess Tokyo street fashion. I am in charge of a fashion-related TV show, so I also refer to the opinions of fashion leaders I meet through that."

"Plumb" wigs are popular with a wide range of people, from teenagers to a more mature audience. Abroad, it's said that the brand gets support from people who enjoy Japanese fashion.

"Plumb," which may soon become a breakout hit worldwide, can currently only be found in Japan! If you visit Tokyo, by all means, drop by the shop!

Plumb Collection

The photos in the top row are models known as "tattoo lines," which have things like hair bands or bar codes printed on them. On the bottom is the main line of wigs. Most popular are the vivid color wigs, which are difficult to achieve with natural hair, and wigs with sharp cut lines. While the designs are so refined, the prices are reasonable, starting at 13,800 yen!


1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Laforet Harajuku 1.5F Phone: 03-6804-3328 Shop Hours: 11 AM-8 PM

Perfect for gal fashion! The well-established "NAVANA WIG"

At the shop, of course you can try wigs on. The staff will perform arrangements like curls and cuts on the spot upon purchase, too!

"NAVANA WIG" has been featured in multiple fashion magazines and has devoted fans among television personalities and models. It's very popular, especially among the gal community, and there are seven shops just within the Tokyo area. According to the shop, the wigs became popular around three to four years ago.

"The first to become popular was the bangs wig. From there, the idea that wigs became a part of everyday beauty and fashion took root. Since one can freely enjoy styles they can't pull off with their own hair, there are lots of repeat customers."

By the way, next season, it seems that bright colors will be in style! How about using a wig for your spring and summer hairstyle?

These are bangs wigs, starting at 2,900 yen. The rich colors are a source of pride for the shop.

Hair accessories using wig materials are sure to make a difference, too. From 525 yen.

Try using them like this! There are lots of colors for corsages, such as the one on the left, as well.

NAVANA WIG Collection

The most popular wig is blonde and long. The full wig is 16,800 yen.

Due to the recent short hair boom, this one is a seller, too.

Granting you instantly with super-long hair is another thing only wigs can do.

While the wigs are all artificial hair, see how natural the waves look. They are heat resistant, so dryers are OK.

This is a style that is arranged using colorful streaks for accents.

Thick bangs, which are hard with one's natural hair, as well as fluffy curls, which take so much effort to achieve, are finished the instant you put on the wig!

NAVANA WIG Shibuya 109 Shop

2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo SHIBUYA109 B2F Phone: 03-3477-5022 Shop Hours: 10 AM-9 PM

For gothic and lolita fashion, too! “PRISILA,” purveyor to Harajuku girls

Wigs are available in two types: synthetic or real hair. On top of that, synthetic hair comes in heat resistant and non-heat resistant types. At the shop, aside from trying on wigs, paid services such as shampoos and redoing curls are available, too.

"PRISILA" runs a streetside shop in Shibuya and has all kinds of fans, with fashions including Harajuku-kei, lolita, and even cosplay. The store has items not only for girls, but also for men and mature ladies. The shop has a rich variety of wigs.

When you visit the shop, the quality of the wigs is that their style and colors are always kept in a beautiful state. One charming element is that your natural hair won't become harmed through repeated perms and coloring.

Also, the shop informed us, "There are many customers who can't change their natural hair because of work or school, but they want to enjoy their hairstyles freely in their private time. If such people have a wig, the breadth of fashion they can enjoy expands."

If you are going for Harajuku-kei fashion, first get a wig here!

Popular bangs wigs are affordably priced, from 2,310 yen!

There is an array of parts that can be used like accessories starting in the 1000 yen range.

Wigs for cosplay can be used in everyday situations, depending on the arrangement. Starting at 3,990 yen.

PRISILA Collection

The bob style is popular and very easy to maintain. Full wigs starting at 8,190 yen.

For a wig, how about trying vivid hair like this?

This is an arranged style with parts put together.

Get an individual look by using both ribbon parts (from 2,310 yen) and a wig!

There are also multiple wigs that go well with gothic and lolita styles.

Curled hair, which is difficult to maintain, is easy with a wig.

PRISILA Harajuku Store

4-31-16 Jingumae, Shibyua Ward, Tokyo Harajuku '80 Building 1F Phone: 03-3423-6650 Shop Hours: 12 PM-8 PM